Welcome to my page.
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I'm currently working on a VR game.

If you're looking for managed services or help with Unity development, feel free to send me an email.
Welcome to my page.
Play as a growing demon through three stages of things trying to shrink you
This game was made in a weekend for the VR Jam 2021 with the theme "Small World." The perfect score, sound effects, title art, and lore was created by Francis Roberts. Also thanks to Dan Colman for some help with programming.

Play it on PCVR or Oculus Quest here!

In-engine trailer development
Developed in-engine tools and used them to create trailers for products published on the Playstation & Oculus stores. You can check out my open source VR camera smoothing tool here.

You're a ninja fighting demon logs
This game was made in 7 days for the VR Jam 2020.

I went into this jam wanting to make a really fun throwing mechanic. A little auto-aim and super-strength really brings out your inner ninja.

You can watch the trailer here, or play it yourself.

Ultra credits to Nathan Tullis for help with production, art, and design. And the amazing score was produced by Alexandre Jannuzzi.

How you remember that song
More retro! This one was for Global Game Jam 2021. You solve puzzles by lining up little birds to play more and more layers of a song. I used a LUT with the DOOM color pallette, and animated the birds with Unity's Playable Director.

The architecture, puzzles, programming, and music are awesome, courtesy of Janice Kwok, Carl Larsson, & Alex Cap.

You can download it here.

It's a YouTube channel
I help produce videos about the art of storytelling in video games. I work with a great team and I'm learning tons about the medium from some absolute legends.

You can watch our launch video about The Witcher 3 here.

My vision of VR co-op
Made for the 2020 Oculus Start game jam in a litle over a week, this was my proof of concept for a co-op multiplayer VR game. It's basically Star Fox in VR with friends working different parts of your ship. The steering was really fun to figure out—it works like a standing jet ski, but forward/back moves you up/down.

You can watch a full playthrough here.

The wonderfully fitting music was created by SpaceCastle.

A comfy supernova co-op
Built around the amazing score and sound effects created by Alex Cap, each stage unlocks a new layer of music. We went for simplified graphics that helped support the mood.

You can watch a full playthrough here, or play it in your browser here.

It's also multiplayer! As many controllers you can hook up locally or remotely via Parsec let's you restart the universe with friends.

Lemmings in space
Initially made in a weekend for GGJ2019 with a huge team of great devs. I cleaned things up and published it on Steam.